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Bring the solutions and expertise of our specialists into your own Private Label back office.

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That’s what The McGriff Alliance Consulting Group allows you to do. Our network of agents, advisors, investors and consumers work hand-in-hand with CPAs who desire innovative collaborative relationships with financial advisors for their clients. The depth of our expert network’s diverse experiences and expertise allows you to offer real solutions – giving you a distinct competitive edge in the industry – all while benefitting your top clients.

Why Choose Us

Imagine the benefits to your firm if you could:

  • Build incredible relationships with your very best clients.
  • Deliver planning solutions from our carefully selected specialists. 
  • Avoid putting your client relationships at risk via 3rd party referrals.

The McGriff Alliance Consulting Group enables you to do all of the above, using a simple and elegant proprietary platform. We help you to properly leverage our carefully selected specialists – including all areas of tax law - to create customized solutions for your best clients.

Our goal is to support you in creating value, within the framework of our relationship, for your top clients. As you become their most Trusted Business Advisor, you give them a great story to tell… and the referrals come back directly to you, not to a third party.

Our Services

Our aim is to make YOU look like a superstar, and eliminate the referral risks inherent in your practice.

Your partnership with The McGriff Alliance Consulting Group provides you with access to our network of planners, strategists and specialists who can help you to create the perfect solutions for your best clients. We work as a team – not as competition – to produce real results, enhance efficiency and create more time for what is most important to you.

Together, we can create customized solutions for your top clients that will enhance their experience as they work directly with you and your firm. Through our partnership, we can give your clients an amazing story to tell that showcases their satisfaction in our relationship with them, and directly benefits your image and your status.