Why Life Settlements Make Sense

A life settlement is a purchase of an existing life insurance policy at a discount to its face value. Read our eBook to see if life settlements are the right choice for you. 

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Live Your Life Insurance

If you’re ready to tap into a resource that’s been around for over two centuries, but hidden by traditional financial institutions, then you’ll love this eye-opening little book.

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Financial Planning Has Failed

Has “typical” financial advice helped us or hurt us in the long run? Go behind the curtain to discover the dark secrets of the financial planning industry. You’ll discover how “Prosperity Economics” provides a true alternative to typical financial advice and its shortcomings. 

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The Elements of Heritage Planning

There is actually a 'formula' for sustaining wealth and unity from one generation to the next. Families who thrive and prosper across generations pepare their heirs using the elements described in this white paper. 

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What Matters

Learn how to take the first steps to realizing what is most important in your life, and make a list of What Matters. 

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Heritage Design

Discover how to keep your family's assets and unity across generations to come with this helpful eBook! 

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