Veteran's Tribute

Bill Burrus

The McGriff Burrus Alliance has made some changes allowing them to better serve their clients. Bill Burrus continues his broker/dealer relationship with Crown Capital Securities and has the same access to their product offerings that he’s always enjoyed. The McGriff Alliance, a registered investment advisory firm formed by Joel in 1994 now offers a complete new line of financial wealth building tools that are not available in the broker dealer space. Now the joint clients of these two professionals can have the best of both worlds. The tag line for The McGriff Alliance is Designing Strategies for Financial Security and we want to help you achieve true sustainable wealth without having to rely solely on Wall Street, Big Banks, the government, or a bull market.


When Bill Burrus and Joel McGriff met in 2010 at a conference, they didn’t realize how much of an impact they would have on each other’s lives. Besides loving to work together, both men share an intense love of God, Family and country.

As time is passing, we are losing our connection with the brave men and women who fought for our freedom in World War II. Bill Burrus is one of those brave men. He was drafted in 1944 and fought in Germany in the Battle of the Bulge and participated in the strategic crossing of the Rhine River. Joel wanted to honor Bill by documenting his incredible story - told in Bill’s own words in the videos below.

This page is a tribute to Bill Burrus and all the veterans who have given so much for each of us.

"To have a wonderful life is to be happy, pray a lot, and thank the good Lord for all your blessings." —Bill Burrus

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