Wealth Management

Protect Your Principal as it Grows and Utilize an Alternative Approach to Typical Financial Planning and Advice

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The McGriff Alliance provides proven, time-tested strategies and alternative financial products and solutions to allow you to get real results while protecting yourself from an unstable stock market and banking system.

Why Choose Us

The McGriff Alliance clients are typically high net worth retirees and closely-held business owners who are seeking practical financial solutions and growth strategies.


Our Approach

We approach the customized management of your assets in a way that supports the things that truly mean something to you – both now and in the future.  We want to know what drives you. Motivates you. Inspires you. What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want your legacy to be after you’re gone?

Our carefully selected team of experts – from tax mitigation specialists to strategic investors – can handle the vision-planning of virtually any client of any size, and we work backwards from your specific goal destination to discover the right financial path to get you there.

Our Services

To establish and grow wealth, observe the habits, beliefs, strategies and philosophies of wealthy people… you generally will not find them following in the footsteps of "conventional wisdom."


Investment Management

The risk of loss creates a dramatic change in mindset and lifestyle. Let The McGriff Alliance help you feel prepared for whatever may come.


Income planning

The McGriff Alliance can help you create a well-thought out plan to manage your income in the most tax efficient manner available.


Estate planning

Let The McGriff Alliance help you review, update and refine your plans to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.


Heritage Planning

Heritage Planning is essential for guiding your family through the process of receiving the benefits of your financial and estate planning.


Tax planning

The McGriff Alliance can help you become proactive about your tax planning so that you avoid paying out more than your share.


Charitable planning

Charitable planning can be a very rewarding process for you and your favorite charity, but there are many alternatives other than trusts and direct gifts.