Last week, we talked about good debt vs bad debt, but in today’s episode, it's time to dive into all debt as we explain what to do when it comes to debt.

We’ve covered good debt and bad debt, but our guess is that you still have your own feelings around debt—and you should. So instead of attempting to analyze debt from a pure economic standpoint, we have to look at each case on its own. 

What is the best strategy for you? And not only that, but what is the best strategy for you right now? Because we’re willing to bet that your life is going to go through all kinds of changes, some easier to anticipate than others. 

So what’s the key to adapting to all of life’s changes? It starts with flexibility, yet the trick is finding that flexibility—it’s easier said than done. There are plenty of investments and financial products that look promising, but offer no real wiggle room. 

Tune into this week’s podcast to learn the secret to flexibility, so that you can begin to develop strategies that evolve with you. 

From the Land of Possibilities,
Colton and Joel McGriff

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