entrepreneurAre you ready to become an exponential entrepreneur?

That is, do you accept, adopt, and leverage technology and the rapidly increasing pace of innovation to make your money work harder for you?

If not, you might be missing a grand opportunity.

Being an exponential entrepreneur means that you are multiplying growth, rather than simply working with addition. It's the difference between working with a linear mindset versus one that recognizes and capitalizes on the power of exponential growth, which is what's happening in the world today.

Exponential technology (the rapid rate of change and innovation) is taking over the world. Think about how far the Internet, cell phones and medical technology have changed since the latest turn of the century.

It's a fact that you have never had access to more information, capital, technology and tools that can allow you to become an exponential entrepreneur – and exponentially grow your money.

Here's a look at five easy steps to becoming an exponential entrepreneur:

1. Appreciate Abundance

There are those who see scarcities and there are those who see abundance. To be an exponential entrepreneur, you need to see abundance.

Thanks to technology, the world has an abundance of energy, information, access to healthcare services, transportation options and more.

Once you recognize and appreciate abundance, you will see opportunities to invest in areas others – those who see scarcity – avoid. Appreciating abundance opens up a world of investment opportunities.

2. Make the Most of Exponential Technologies

Technology is changing nearly every industry for the better. Manufacturing, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, drones, nanotechnology and virtual reality are shaping the future (and will continue to do so). They are allowing governments, corporations and small businesses to do things today that were previously only accomplished in science fiction films.

Investors who see the potential as well as the implications of exponential technologies – and then leverage them to make the most of their money – will see greater returns than those who refuse to adopt and adapt to new tools.

3. Go Big

Exponential entrepreneurs don't think small. They don't play it safe and they don't surround themselves with those who are satisfied with the status quo.

They go big.

Exponential entrepreneurs invest in innovation. They accept good ideas (and investment opportunities) from anywhere and anyone. They set their sites on investing in products or services that have the potential to transform industries.

Then they reap the benefits.

4. Leverage the Crowd

Technology has made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to raise capital. Thanks to technology and the popularity of crowdsourcing, it's possible to find like-minded people from around the world to buy into your vision and invest with you.

But it doesn't end there.

You can also use crowdsourcing to tap into global knowledge to inexpensively find solutions to problems that would have been incredibly expensive to find in the past.

Your crowd is out there. Find it and you will succeed.

5. Act

It has been said that a great idea without action is nothing more than a regret.

Don't live your life regretting the chances you didn't take, the opportunities you let slip through your fingers. Act.

A key to success as an exponential entrepreneur is to recognize the importance of experimentation and iteration. If you see a problem that needs a solution, use the power of technology, the crowd and your vision to solve it – even if it has been vexing in the past.

Exponential entrepreneurs are constantly looking and moving forward. And they are constantly looking for ways to leverage exponential technologies to achieve their dreams.

Be an exponential entrepreneur.

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