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We get it—your inbox is already overwhelmed with Coronavirus related news. New details are being rolled out by the hour, and every business you’ve ever patronized is sending updates.

We’re not health experts, and we don’t need to be. What we are is financial professionals, and we know we can do the most good for you by staying in our lane. Apart from health concerns, economic uncertainty is high on the list of national fear right now. So we decided to take you through the history of our nation’s monetary systems.

There’s a lot of information at our fingertips—so much, in fact, that it can be difficult to sort through. And with this much uncertainty, we all become quicker to take action…which isn’t always best practice. It can lead to mistakes that we wouldn’t normally make. It can leave us feeling helpless.

We want you, our listeners, to feel confident in your decisions. It is our sincere hope that this information will help you feel less helpless and more empowered.

To learn more about the monetary history of the US, and how that affects us today and every day, check out the latest episode of The Land of Possibilities today.

Yours in wealth,
Colton and Joel McGriff

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