The McGriffs talk about Joel’s new nickname, these uneasy times for the world, and explain why you should stop saving for retirement.

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We’re going to say something a bit controversial: stop saving for retirement. In fact, that may even be blasphemous. But before you roll your eyes, hear us out. 

There’s actually a little more to the story. Stop saving for retirement…in places where you cannot maintain control. Because most of the typical retirement vehicles these days don’t offer you any control. When it comes to your future, why give anyone else a hold over you?

This week, we’re going to show you an alternative. A place to store your cash where you are the one in control. Where your money isn’t subject to taxes, government control, or strict regulation that’s subject to change at any time. 

You’ll have to ditch the Wall Street mindset. But we think you’ll like the alternative: certainty. 

We want to help you reach a point in your financial life where you’re not constantly crunching numbers and making guesses or estimations. We’re getting back to tradition—vehicles that are time-tested and backed by guarantees. Because when it comes to your retirement, certainty is priceless. 

So, you ready? Join us for this week’s episode.

From the Land of Possibilities, 
Colton & Joel McGriff


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