The New Prosperity EconomicsThink. See. Measure. Flow. Control. Move. Multiply.

These are the principles of prosperity according to Kim Butler, best-selling author and founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement.

Butler recently sat down with syndicated financial columnist and host of "Money, the Name of the Game" to discuss these principles—and how you can put them to work to build wealth in a safe and sustainable way.

Here's a look at the seven principles and how you can use them as a financial guide to build a brighter future for you and your family:

  1. Think. To achieve prosperity, you have to think like someone with a "prosperity mind-set," even when you're not feeling particularly prosperous. Doing so keeps you from feeling (and being) financially stuck.

  2. See. You have to see the big picture to achieve your long-term goals. Resist the urge to make financial decisions on a day-to-day basis.

  3. Measure. Every action has a reaction. Your job is to measure the financial reaction, or opportunity cost, to every financial decision you make.

  4. Flow. Cash flow is the true measure of prosperity, and building cash flow early on will lead to a great net worth later on in your life. You should create cash flow, which you can then leverage into a nice nest egg.

  5. Control. If you're not in control of your money, you can't move it or make it multiply. Don't leave your money in the hands of the government or your financial adviser.

  6. Move. Everyone wants to accumulate money, but those who become prosperous know how to move their money to make it multiply.

  7. Multiply. Moving your money in smart ways allows it to multiply. So make sure your money is moving.

Kim's interview is available on YouTube. Take a look. Think about how you can integrate the principles into your daily life. Then connect with us to for help developing a financial strategy based on prosperity economics that will put you in complete control of your money—today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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