The McGriffs dive into the start of the U.S. monetary policies and how they’ve evolved and changed over the years. They are discussing history to learn more about our present. 

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The more we see the state of the stock market, the more we realize how important it is to have control of your assets. Because if you don’t have certainty, what do you have? 

But to really make sense of things beyond the typical financial advice, we thought it best to look to history for the answers. A few weeks ago we began this journey, and now we’re really going to dig in. 

So why the history lesson? Well…

To fully understand the US monetary policy today, we have to understand where we came from. What did our Founding Fathers envision for us? Why have certain practices become common? How have the policies evolved since then? 

It’s not an easy, or particularly straightforward question to answer. It’s an ambitious topic, but one we feel gives more context to our country’s current state. And, the Founding Fathers held a lot of wisdom. And so we’re going to time travel a little bit. 244 years, to be exact. 

We hope this lesson will provide more context to the current financial policy, as well as your own financial health. 

Yours in wealth,
Colton and Joel McGriff. 


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