The McGriffs dive into part two of the United States Monetary History. They highlight the good during the quarantine period and give us a great history lesson!

Listen to the episode here:

It’s easy to fixate on the negative side of quarantine and COVID-19. But it’s far more rewarding to recognize the endless possibilities that have arisen. After all, the most successful people are adept at reframing their circumstances into opportunities. And so we encourage you to take that under consideration. We can’t wait to see what you do.

For us, part of the opportunity is getting to spend time looking at the history of our country’s  monetary policies. There’s no better time, because the choices you make in the coming months could set you up for great success…or not. 

Let’s dive into part two of this lesson. We’ll cover the Federal Reserve, inflation, where money is going, and the differing schools of thought around monetary policies. This is your key to understanding the economy just a bit better—and it’ll give you an extra edge.

If you’re ready, we’d love to have you join the discussion.

Yours in wealth,
Colton and Joel McGriff

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