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Only 1 out of 10 families sucessfully pass their unity and prosperity across three generations!
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The solutions and typical advice provided by the big financial institutions are no longer in the best interest of clients. Predicting the outcomes of the stock market is as good as guessing the weather. Find out how to avoid the risks of typical financial planning in this FREE eBook!

What We Do

Our stated mission is “ Designing Strategies for Financial Security.” Through individual relationships and alliances with top CPAs, we provide guidance to help families to identify, design for and achieve what matters most to them, both today and for generations to come.


Discover our roadmap of principles and guiding philosophies for safe investments that create consistent returns, and help drive your financial choices towards a destination that puts YOU back in control of your thinking and your money.


Our goal is to help CPA’s become the firm of the future and in the process become irreplaceable in the eyes of their most important clients.


Financial and estate planning pass what you own... Heritage Design passes on who you are! The McGriff Alliance seeks to support you in being prepared for what matters most to you and your family.

The Financial Industry today is leading Americans into an economic ditch. Let us help you stay on the path towards your ideal financial destination by avoiding the potholes of excessive risk, collisions with deception, and flat tires of failed attempts to win at a rigged game.
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