Before going into history lessons, Joel and Colton Mcgriff dive into an important question: Should I invest in the stock market today?

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Right now people are seeking strong guidance with their finances, so we decided to postpone our history lessons and record this episode with you in mind.

Typical financial advice is pro-stock-market, and our goal with this episode is to dig deeper so you can make the most informed decisions possible.

If these times are any indication, you can’t take your financial decisions lightly. In order to understand the problem, you have to see it from all angles. So we’ll do just that, and examine the possibilities—we’re not going to tell you what to do, but instead how to navigate this decision. We want you to be empowered, right now.

So if you find yourself at a financial crossroads, wondering what to do next, you’re not alone. We hope that this episode will offer you solutions, and a new perspective on your financial life.

And if you find yourself needing more guidance, schedule a free consultation today.

Yours in Wealth,
Colton and Joel McGriff



  • Understand what you are investing in - 1:09
  • The market’s ups and downs - 1:33
  • You should have liquid money for emergencies - 2:36
  • This pandemic was unexpected - 3:26
  • What to do if you have a real estate development - 5:13
  • The seven principles of prosperity - 7:25
  • Staying home during quarantine - 8:55
  • Unknowns that we cannot predict - 9:49
  • What’s happening in today’s market - 11:46
  • The market is going to come back - 12:48
  • Flipping the coin - 13:44
  • Putting more money in when the market is down - 14:55
  • The stock market is a rollercoaster - 15:28
  • The best time to invest - 18:28
  • Putting money in the stock market right now? - 19:42


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