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The Investment Opportunity Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know About

Norman R. Augustine is a smart, accomplished guy.

He is an Eagle Scout, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and...

Why a Life Settlement Investment Makes Sense for You and Your Family

If you are like many investors who are trying to build a brighter financial future for your family, you probably sock away...

Let's Talk About Life Settlement Funds

There is a topic few people like to discuss.

It's an affair that affects everyone, is incredibly sad for most and has been...

What is a Life Settlement Investment? 5 Things You Don't Know

There's an investment opportunity out there that many financial planners aren't talking about.

It's an opportunity that...

Don't Settle for Typical Personal Financial Planning

Stocks, bonds, real estate and retirement accounts.

These are the typical investment opportunities into which most people...

Why Investing in Life Settlements is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

More than $100 billion down the drain every 365 days.

No, it's not government waste or corporate greed.

It is approximately...

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